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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Irony, thy name is Bill Clinton

In the mother of all ironies, Bill Clinton expressed horror at how women were treated in the 50's yet, failed to mention their treatment under his oval office desk....

"You ever watch that TV series 'Mad Men?' " Clinton asked. "If I keep watching this program, will I ever find a happy person? Great television. Good drama. But a lot of really painful reminders in that show about how black people were supposed to run the elevators... were supposed to ask permission before they get on an elevator. The way women were treated is appalling, and only occasionally funny to me."

Only a liberal revisionist like Clinton can find error in an historically-accurate portrayal of America 50 years ago. Mad Men doesn't advocate the role of blacks as servants, nor of women as second-class citizens to men, that's just how it was.

That the fondler-in-chief and accused rapist would feign shock and horror at the mistreatment of women by anybody at all, is as hilarious as it is outrageous.


David said...

Madmen is my current favorite show. Check it out.

ed said...

Yeah, a friend of mine from highschool turned me on to it. I need to go back and watch the shows I haven't seen yet. I only started watching about 6 weeks ago.