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Sunday, April 19, 2015

When the hunter becomes the hunted, I smile

Much to my delight, an American professional big-game hunter on a legal safari in Zimbabwe was trampled to death by the elephant he was about to shoot. Predictably his friends and fellow hunters are upset by this, but isn't that the "sporting" part of hunting they're always telling us about?
If there's no danger in being hunted and killed by the animal you are hunting, then isn't what you are doing just slaughtering animals? To be fair, deer in the US over-breed and the herds need to be thinned so I don't have a problem with people killing deer, and I get the argument that by allowing the hunting of endangered species, we make them more valuable and therefor more likely to be protected by those who would profit from them.

But why not have tourists pay to hunt for poachers? I mean how serious are the murder laws in Africa after all? Obviously, not very serious. And I'm sure all hunters have fantasized at one point or another about murdering somebody. Then hunters would really have something to brag about back home......hunting and killing a poacher who's hunting you back, is far more impressive than shooting a dumb animal with a high-powered sniper rifle from the safety of 500 yards away.
I'm sure this guy's family is upset, understandably, but if you hunters want to claim that hunting is a sport, you have to accept that this is the sporting part of it.