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Monday, April 20, 2015

Even Ben Affleck can be a victim of race politics

So somebody hacked Sony's e-mails and discovered that Ben Affleck's family once owned slaves like 10 generations ago. You can read the story here. He was doing that PBS show where celebrities have a look at their genealogy and discover things and people in their past they weren't aware of.

Apparently among Ben's colorful family past, somebody once owned at least one slave. Predictably as a dingbat liberal, Ben moved heaven and earth to try to suppress this information heading into the release of his upcoming movie Batman, but cover-ups never work out. The media of course is acting like this is information that somehow impugns and bring into question Affleck's liberal street cred.

This is too stupid to even be a story. Unless Affleck himself owned slaves, how is this bad for him or the Batman franchise? But obviously, based on the transitive law of political associations, Affleck is obliged to apologize and grovel before the race alter, begging for forgiveness for something he didn't do.

Affleck is guilty only of trying to hide it. THAT is what makes him look bad. Are black people, who we are told to regard as sacred, now going to demand reparations from Affleck to rectify his wrongs?

I'll bet Al Sharpton will "suggest" that Affleck "donate" a few million to his organization in order to earn absolution for being born white and having slave owners in his distant past.

Exit question: how disingenuous and corrupt do blacks look if all whites have to do to earn their favor is pay them money?

Here, Ben testifies that he does not now, nor has he ever, owned slaves himself.


Bill said...

There are probably few people on Earth who aren't descended from both slaves and slave holders. Silly in the extreme!

Ed said...

Agreed, that BA felt the need to hide it, as if he is guilty of something, demonstrates the power of association-shaming in the modern world.

Bill said...

Yet the Religion of Peace (tm), which contains the last remaining proud slave masters on Earth, is immune to criticism by our betters.

Ed said...

Right you are, Bill. There's a political correctness caste system in place in the US with sacred blacks occupying the highest rung, with gays climbing fast right behind them, but Islamists are making a play for their place above criticism too.

Thanks to self-loathing, brain-dead liberals, there is such a thing as a political caste system.

"To see who rules over you, find out who you're not allowed to criticize"


Bill said...

Anyone with an understanding of basic math would know if they went back 6 generations, you're looking at 64 ancestors. What are the odds that they're all righteous people. I'm not even getting into the modern practice of judging past lives by our modern "enlightened" standards.