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Friday, April 17, 2015

Even harmless nerds get subjected to cultural awareness idiocy

Good grief! The sci-fi club at Stevens College in California is in big trouble with the trolls in the stupid diversity office because they dared to serve Mexican food at movie night.
According to the retards who claimed to be aggrieved due to the micro-aggression of cultural insensitivity, associating tacos with "aliens", even if they're space aliens, is insensitive to Hispanics who might be illegal immigrants. Now the members of the sci-fi club must attend mandatory "cultural competence training" seminars, whatever kind of nonsense that is. 
Can you believe the stupidity? This is like that idiot legislator who wanted NASA and the science community to stop using the term "black hole" because it made him think of African-American prostitutes.
And honestly, I'd rather be invaded by these guys.......

than these guys.....


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

The homie in the middle looks familiar.

Ed said...

The middle of which picture, Isaac?