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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

BlackBrunch accomplishes nothing

Sweet Melissa's, a cafe' outside of Atlanta, has been the target of two "BlackBrunch" protests. BlackBrunch is where black people invade eating establishments with mostly white diners and just stand around being annoying and whining about black men getting shot by the cops.
[Aurielle Marie, organizer of ‪#‎BlackBrunchATL‬, explained to WGCL that more needs to be done about police shootings involving African-American men.]
Here's an idea Aurielle, how about teaching your black men to stop committing crimes and be more respectful of the police? Michael Brown got shot because he was an over-sized criminal maniac who attacked a cop.
Stop doing that! And stop annoying diners at restaurants. You aren't gaining any sympathy for your cause, just resentment.