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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Deranged environmentalism and insanity rule SoCal

If the California drought weren't so tragic, in that it'll cause fruit and vegetable prices to skyrocket nationwide, I'd be laughing at the stupidity of a state that elects, year after year, moonbats like the ones governing that state. 

Militant environmentalists have exacerbated an already dire drought situation by insisting that a few species of useless, but endangered fish be cared for at all costs. The 2" Delta Smelt and the equally useless Steelhead Trout are the current favorites of the eco-nazis. 

As humans in SoCal are told to conserve water by bathing less, drinking less, and wearing dirty clothes, wildlife preservation boards are ordering reservoirs to flush millions of gallons of water in order to assist these stupid fish to the ocean. One such flush last week sent 15,000 acre-feet of water (4.9 Billion gals) down to the ocean to save just 23 trout. 

To environmentalists, no loss of human life or standard of living is worth as much as these two stupid fish.


Bill said...

I've read the Washington, D. C. blackout last week was due in part to the forced shutdown of a coal powered generation plant in the city. When some problems occurred, there was no backup. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg had made killing the plant a priority. Considering the water situation in California and the D. C. blackout, how much personal pain are average liberals willing to take to be "good environmentalists?"

Ed said...

I think these environmentalists equate pain and inconvenience among regular people with success as tyrannical environmentalists. The more they see the rest of us having to change our lifestyles in obedience to their retrograde, anti-human agenda, themselves included, the more self-satisfied they are.

If we were to take up tee-pee living and organic veganism, they would be happy.

Bill said...

The true believers absolutely do. I was wondering how much pain the rank and file will take to think of themselves as "green." The hard core couldn't elect anybody with just their own votes.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

It seems to me that for many devotees, environmentalism is a religion of sorts. Reason and rationality are optional.

David said...

Wait, DC had a blackout?

Bill said...


Ed said...

Sleeping in again, Dave?