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Monday, April 06, 2015

Ed get's his nerd on

Ok which is weirder, that I'm mildly aroused by this cute cosplay chick in a Peter Dinklage/Tyrian Lannister mask and sporting a "Hodor" tank, or that I would probably fit in at Comicon way better than I should?


Bill said...


Ed said...

Yeah, it's is an amalgam of "costume" and "play". But for the participants, it 's generally more than just dressing up....it's practically a fetish, though usually but not always, non-sexual.

There are themed conventions such as ComiCon, WonderCon, Anime, DragonCon, and the Star Trek Conventions, to name a few of the biggest ones, where "enthusiasts", to describe them kindly, dress up as their favorite comic-book, cartoon, or sci-fi characters.

Bill said...

Thanks, Ed.

David said...

I've learned something.