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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Muslims don't adopt much, if at all

Ever wonder why Muslim adoption is rarely practiced? Well, look no further than the Qaran for the answer. You see, adoptive parents are forbidden by the Qaran from treating their adoptive children the same as their real children....they cannot inherit from the parents and are seen as "less-than" the biological children because they are not blood related. Why would this be forbidden in Islamic culture? Why are the non-blood related children set apart religiously?

The answer is simple.....Mohammad, the deranged inventor of Islam, was a degenerate pedophile who wanted to have sex with every female he saw regardless of her age or relation to him. Mohammad wanted badly to have sex with Zainab, his daughter-in-law, the wife of his adopted son Zayed, but Arab culture forbade it. So what's a lecherous old prophet to do? Why rewrite the Qaran of course. 

Mohammad pretended to have a "revelation" from Allah and declared that because adoptive children aren't blood related, they and more importantly their hottie wives, are available for sex and marriage. 

Must have been nice to be the self-styled prophet to a world of Arab hillbillies who'll believe anything you say.