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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Conditions worsen in the Tragic City

The motto of Birmingham is "The Magic City", but for many reasons we denizens call it something else

This has been the scene out in front of my building here at UAB in Birmingham for the last 3-4 hours. Nothing is moving. There's a traffic jam in my parking deck because there's no place to exit into traffic.

The temperature is in the low 20's already and dropping so none of this will melt, it'll only get more slick. I've heard that the roads are treacherous enough that people are abandoning their cars....heh heh, I know at least one weatherman, James Spann(the most prominent weather man in town) abandoned his car and is on foot. He tweeted a picture of it. To have missed the forecast this badly and then to have gotten stranded by your own incompetence is probably not a good argument for a raise this year.

I might have to spend the night in my lab if this doesn't improve before dark. Bummer!


Bill said...

Atlanta's equally screwed. Bad timing with folks already at work and school. Reminds me of 1982 when I had to walk home from downtown.

Ed said...

Yeah, the meteorologists screwed everybody over with the "light dusting" predictions. There are no hotel rooms left so Dianne and I will probably spend the night in our offices or something. Maybe we can find an all-night bar.

David said...

In 1982 It took me 6 hours to drive from my 1pm calculus recitation to my home in Marietta. But when. Go home, we got the motorcycles out and took turns pulling each other around the streets with a rope and a piece of cardboard. Good times!