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Thursday, January 30, 2014

George Lucas' wife is a shameless hypocrite

Mellody Hobson went on MSNBC this week to shill for Obama's ridiculous income-inequality meme from the SOTU speech on Tuesday. She bleated about how unfair it is that America's CEO's make 354 times more than their employees.(if it weren't for the idiotic minimum wage, they'd be making a lot more than that.) 

Without a hint of shame or embarrassment she omitted the glaringly obvious, which is that her husband, George Lucas, is worth $7.3 Billion. He makes tens of thousands of times more than his employees. But I guess that's ok with bimbo, hypocrite, arm-candy Mellody because she's got access to $7.3 Billion.

But it's not ok for any other CEO's to make a lot of money, just her husband. 

George married a black woman and voted for Obama.....in the eyes of liberals, he's forever blameless for being a rich white guy, having ruined the Indiana Jones series with the dreadful "Crystal Skull" movie notwithstanding.

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