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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, January 03, 2014

Kim Jong Un......WOW!

As you know, North Korea's morbidly obese dictator Kim Jong-Un is at least as brutal as his father. Well, it appears his brutality has surpassed almost anything we've seen.

He accused his own flesh-and-blood uncle of plotting to overthrow the government and seize power, then sentenced him to death, but not by the typical firing squad. The uncle and 5 of his closest advisers were stripped naked and thrown into a cage full of 120 hunting hounds that had been starved for 5 days.

Kim and a couple hundred others watched the dogs maul the 6 people to death as if they were watching a World Cup match or something. They probably sold popcorn and soft drinks for the event.

I can't think of anything more barbaric. His own uncle!