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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

US military doing everything except winning wars

I just read where the Pentagon spent $200 million over the last 5 years to teach the completely illiterate Afghan army to read and perform math, both on a first grade level.....and they failed. These guys can't read their own names and apparently don't know how many hookah pipes they'd have left if you took one away from the two they had.

What were we doing, teaching them in English? And why do they need to know how to read? All they need to know for our purposes is how to kill terrorists. Who cares if they can calculate the 10% tip on $10?

The US military isn't a meals-on-wheels outfit. It's not a Reading is Fundamental program. And it's not a program for boosting the self-esteem of our enemies by acknowledging their imaginary contributions to western civilization.

If they aren't killing people over there in the pursuit of some worthwhile goal, bring them home.


Bill said...

The can't maintain weapons systems if they can't read the manuals, Ed. Someone with your background knows that.

Ed said...

Weapons systems? What weapons systems? Rifles? If we're outfitting them with anything more advanced than a semi-automatic rifle or pistol, it's a mistake. They'll turn around and use it on us in 6 months.

Are we really teaching them Farsi, or whatever language they speak, so they can read manuals?

Do you really think $200 million to teach illiterate guys to read their own language is worth it when they'll kill us with those weapons as soon as we turn our backs?

Bill said...

Mi-17 helicopters, C-130's, HumVs, trucks, mortars, etc. Not everybody in Afghanistan is some tribal savage. Manuals are in English.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

If they aren't killing people over there in the pursuit of some worthwhile goal....

They aren't.

ed said...

Bill, the grade-appropriate goal of serviceable literacy for operations manuals should be at least 11th or 12th grade....and that's for American servicemen. The stated goal of this boondoggle was 1st grade reading level and elementary addition and multiplication, all in a second language. That's absurd, no?

Helo's and C130's are complicated machines, you need more than a 1st grade reading and math level to understand the manuals.

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