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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ann Coulter eviscerates the despicable retard Ed Shultz

Over at MSNBC, the hosts, specifically Ed Shultz and the oddly androgynous Rachel Maddow, love to yell about how no conservatives have the guts to come on their shows. Ed and Rachel apparently think they're exceptionally talented debaters. So in response to Ed Shultz' tweet, esteemed counter-moonbat Ann Coulter responded thusly.......

"Lying pussy." That's strong, heh heh!

Ann specializes in going on liberals' shows and eviscerating them with her superior intellect and wit. They want no part of her on their shows. Milquetoast republicans won't go on MSNBC because they don't have the brains or convictions to effectively debate fever-swamp liberals, but Ann will kill them.

No doubt Ed and Rachel are busily filling up their calendars with liberal guests as an excuse to not have Ann on any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Coulter is bluffing. She has no intention of facing Schultz. It is all self-promotion, as noted in the book, Vanity: Ann Coulter's Quest for Glory, at www.coulterwatch.com/vanity.pdf.

Ed said...

Anon, Ann Coulter is the only conservative I can think of who regularly faces down liberals. She searches them out to challenge.

Sure, all the networks have their token conservative, but they are usually the likes of Meghan McCain or somebody equally weak.

Bill said...

I like Rush's name for this clown - "Sergeant Shultz" after the Hogan's Heroes character. I recall seeing a liberal idiot "Congresswoman" express outrage at this disrespect to the great intellect.

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