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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Suburban encroachment has consequences

I'm certainly no environmentalist in general, but I have to agree with the sentiment of this poster. It was inevitable that suburban sprawl would result in negative encounters between wild animals and humans....and it's the fault of the humans not the animals.

This is why I express little or no sympathy (that is if I'm not cheering for the animals outright) when people wind up injured or dead in an encounter with a wild animal.


David said...

Seven black bears have been hit by vehicles in my county. Human sprawl coupled with a lousy acorn season has the bears on the move.

I have seen none however I see deer all the time and we have at least 4 raccoons living in our backyard.

Ed said...

Dave, so no people have had unpleasant encounters with the bears? That sort of surprises me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying humans shouldn't build housing and communities where ever they like, just don't be shocked and horrified if your kid gets eaten by a bear, bobcat, fox, cougar, or coyote when we encroach into their forests and hunting grounds.

Ed said...