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Friday, October 04, 2013

Giant Chinese hornet, possibly worse than killer bees

This is the giant Chinese hornet or Vespa mandarinia. In three villages, it has killed in three years, 41 people and injured like 1,600. This terrifying hornet is highly aggressive and uses a large black tooth on the front of its mandible to burrow into the victim and inject its toxic venom. The venom is extremely potent and kills flesh leaving huge holes in the flesh, and destroys red blood cells so quickly that if the victim is attacked by multiple hornets, enough venom might be injected so that the kidneys and liver can fail, that is if the victim survives the anaphylactic shock from the venom's toxicity.

Good grief! I have an elevated sensitivity to normal yellow-jacket stings. I can't imagine living in a part of the world where this was an environmental threat. My skin is crawling just thinking about these things in my yard.

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