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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Muslims' self-esteem hit hard by shutdown

Of NASA's 18,000 employees, 17,500 were deemed non-essential and were furloughed during the shutdown. The remaining 500 work on the Space Station project keeping astronauts alive.....I'd say that was essential.

What did the rest do, work on Obama's Muslim Outreach Program to make Muslims feel good about their entirely imaginary historical contributions to math, science, medicine, literature, the arts, philosophy, technology, architecture, engineering, etc.? Muslims' self-esteem must be suffering now that no NASA personnel are available to lie to them about their usefulness to the world.

I think we can do without those 17,000 people on the payroll. In the embarrassing absence of a flight program, NASA has but three jobs to do in my opinion, 500 for keeping people alive on the ISS, 75 for running the Space Camp in Huntsville, and like 6 or 7 for keeping an eye out for aliens.....so that's 582 people that are doing anything worthwhile over at NASA these days. 


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Muslim Contribution to the World

Islamic Contributions to Medieval Europe

• 1 Transmission routes
• 2 Classical knowledge
• 3 Islamic sciences
o 3.1 Alchemy
o 3.2 Astronomy and mathematics
o 3.3 Medicine
o 3.4 Physics
o 3.5 Other works
• 4 Islamic technology
o 4.1 Arts
o 4.2 Writing: Western imitations of Arabic script
o 4.3 Islamic carpets
o 4.4 Music
o 4.5 Technology
• 5 Coinage
• 6 Literature
• 7 Philosophy
• 8 See also
• 9 Vocabulary
• 10 Notes
• 11 References
• 12 External links

David said...

Welcome back! Ed.

ed said...

Thanks Dave, I was doing some traffic work in south Alabama for a couple of days.

Isaac, what actual contributions have Muslims made in the last 2000 years? I'd bet they appropriated the accomplishments of others for their own. Still, has there ever been a Muslim Nobel laureate?