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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IRS confirmed as the most corrupt agency in government

The most corrupt and incompetent government agency, the IRS, admitted this week that it had issued over $132 Billion in fraudulent payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit program, over the last 10 years.

As you know the EITC handout program is designed to encourage low-income workers to stay employed by giving them a handout larger than their refund would ordinarily be. The "thinking" goes that low income workers could actually make more money being straight-up on welfare and other handout programs than being employed, so why not just give them more of other peoples' money than they deserve up front so we can keep the welfare enrollment appearing lower.

In other words, the EITC is just another government welfare program to take money from those who earn it and issue it to those who didn't. IRS officials stated that they have no plans to change anything about the fraudulent payments or attempt to stop them because doing so might in one or two cases cause somebody to not receive a payment they deserve.

That the Obama administration is putting this bumbling, corrupt agency in charge of Obamacare subsidies and penalties is telling. Obama doesn't care about affordable coverage for the poor. All he cares about is getting as much of the US economy under the tyrannical boot of the behemoth government as he can.

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