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Monday, October 14, 2013

Bob Costas mistakes SNF for a political talk show

Sanctimonious jackass Bob Costas used halftime of SNF last night to preach about how offensive the name "Redskins" is, despite 90% of Native Americans polled nationally, have no problem with it. Guilty white busy-bodies like Bob have to manufacture offenses in order to force others to bend to their politically correct wills. It gives them a sense of power over people.

Roger Goodell and SNF advitizers should pay attention to viewership on Sunday nights. If people want to be preached to, they'll go to church and when Costas comes on they'll change the channel.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

If anyone tells me the Redskins name is offensive, I will ask, "So what?" Those who are offended by the name can root for another team, can't they?

(On a different subject, why is it that follow-up comments do not get forwarded to the commenter's email?)

Ed said...

Isaac, I just checked and there is no way for Blogger to notify someone other than me of follow-up comments, that I can see. I think Wordpress allows that and maybe some other blog hosts.

Ed said...

Also, the email address that's listed for notification isn't even the one I use.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I am curious, then, as to why the first comments radio button reads: "Follow-up comments will be sent to isaacnussbaum40@_____.com".

ed said...

I do not know. I assumed to everyone, it said it was sending follow-up comments to my adddress. As the blog dministrator, I've never seen it as a reader. I'll check into it.