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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, October 28, 2013

Chickens come home to roost for idiot Obamacare voters

An idiot Californian who voted for Obama in part because of his Obamacare promise, found out the hard way what that vote meant when her healthcare bill went up by 50%. Here she encapsulates the mindset of typical democrat voters by whining, 

"I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it". 

That's right sweetie, voting democrat is all good as long as somebody else picks up the tab. Now live with it, moron!


David said...

Supply v. Demand with governmental (bureaucratic) friction added. This is a lossy system. Of course the cost will increase. Anyone who thinks otherwise is likely (repeatedly) depressing the "Submit" button right now on the healthcare.gov website.

But the joke is on the producers who will ultimatley foot the bill. And it's not a funny joke.

Ed said...

The only remaining question is will Obamacare collapse on its own before the private insurance companies go out of business, relegating us all to the Medicaid rolls?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I can't prove it (yet) but I suspect that Obamacare was designed to fail in order to usher in the real objective, a single-payer health system.

Ed said...

Isaac, my wife and I debated that very topic this morning over coffee and news. She, a nurse practitioner, thought that having every citizen on the state-managed exchanges was the end-game for Obama, while I posited that the exchanges were the penultimate stage in Obama's master-plan, European-style single-payer being the end-game after every private insurer went out of business.

We finally settled on the possibility, or likelihood, that as long as the federal government controls and micromanages with a monstrous health-care bureaucracy all health-care expenditures, though managed by the states, the difference in the current system and single-payer would be semantic.

What do you think?