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Friday, May 31, 2013

Phony-disability parasites keep unemployment low for Obama

The number of Americans on federal disability has dramatically increased under Obama. There are now 10.9million Americans collecting disability payments, care of taxpayers who're still working. That's more people than the populations of all but 10 states.

Why is the workplace so dangerous suddenly? Why are so many more Americans being injured on the job to the point that they cannot work? Why, OHSA should look into this frightening workplace trend. Are there really 10.9million Americans now home-bound, unable to care for themselves? OF COURSE NOT, YOU GULLIBLE IDIOTS!!!

Obama realized that Americans who're collecting disability are not counted among the unemployed. So to keep the unemployment rate in single digits rather than the high teens, which is the actual rate, the Labor Department rewrote the qualifications for federal disability, relaxing them to include pretty much anything.

As if honest, conscientious workers aren't burdened enough already with Obamacare, burdensome regulations, and punitive taxes, we're also paying for the leisure lives of disability parasites too.  

But this is the kind of treachery and dishonesty we've come to expect from the malignancy currently infesting our white house.


David said...

I know many retired military members collecting disability for sleep apnea and other questionable disabilities. Not discounting sleep apnea just most were grossly overweight which I think is a major contributor if not the sole contributor.

There are "counselors" who help retirees game the system to allow them to qualify for disability benefits. While they may be disabled, most of it was caused by natural aging, complicated by not making healthy lifestyle a priority.

Shame on them. And shame on us for allowing it.

Ed said...

When did we become so lazy and shameless?