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Friday, May 24, 2013

Birmingham model is one bad relationship away from Jody-Arias crazy

Meet Birmingham's own Kayla Earl. She's 19 years old, an aspiring model, and apparently bat-shit crazy.

Her boyfriend dumped her and to win him back she hatched a damsel-in-distress plan that involved faking her abduction from a cemetery, rape, and suffocation. Police found her naked, in a roadside ditch, with a Wal-Mart bag over her head appearing to be unconscious. Heh heh, the crazy chick made it all up.

I guess the Wal-Mart bag made sense because since rapists aren't classy guys, suffocating her with a Dillard's bag would have been you know, suspicious.

Here's Kayla in happier, saner times. The obvious moral of this story is: if you are an aspiring model, always delete mug shots from your portfolio. They are not very flattering.

I don't care if she is Jody Arias crazy, Kayla Earl is a hottie!


David said...

Are these photos of the same girl?

Ed said...

I know, makes you wonder if any commercial "photo" you see is real or heavily photoshopped.