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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, May 24, 2013

Obama promotes corrupt officials to keep them quiet

How does a corrupt-to-the-core administration manage the inevitable scandals that come with the corruption? Why, they promote the principles in the scandal to higher-paying jobs to keep them loyal and quiet. That's why Obama has nominated Vicky Nuland, former State Dept. spokesperson, to Asst. Sec. for European and Eurasian Affairs. She played a, if not THE, key role in doctoring the Benghazi lies(the administration calls them talking points) that Susan Rice then used on Sunday talk shows.

Her obvious contempt for integrity, honesty, and the American people is matched only by that of Hillary and Obama himself.

Here's Vicky Nuland, indicating how much respect she has for being honest with the American people from whom she extracts a much higher salary than she's worth.

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