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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, July 29, 2010

TRR Public Service Announcement

Don't let your teen end up like these two idiots

Apparently the newest street drug with which moronic teens are trying to get high is a synthetic form of cannabinoid whose street names are Cobra, Triad, K2, or Spice. It's really just some dried herb-like flowers that are sprayed with a synthetic form of THC that you roll up and smoke, and may or may not give you a very weak, brief buzz, depending on who you ask.

What it most likely will do is what it does to lab rats, which is decrease your teen's body temperature, make him lazy(how can you tell, am I right parents?), and make his muscles rigid. Plus hundreds of teens have already ended up in the ER from smoking this artificial chemical. It's never been human tested and nobody knows what it's effects on the human brain might be.

I swear, is there any stupider sub-species in the galaxy than human teenagers trying to get high?

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