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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gators? In Birmingham?

A 9ft alligator wandered onto a guys property not far from my house.....

We're like 5 hours from the panhandle of Florida where gators are common. I had no idea they had migrated this far north. That means there's a significant breeding population or somebody had one as a pet and let it loose. Either way, it makes me reconsider any ideas I ever had of taking a dip in the local swimming holes.


David said...

I suspect this is a pet who has outgrown (or eaten) its owner. I'd be surprised if alligators are this far north.

But I'm sure someone will find a way to weave this into a global warming agenda.

Is there a strong PETA presence in Birmingham? Maybe they can offer assistance with the capture and reintroduction to its natural environment?

Ed said...

There is a PETA presence once a year when they come to try to release the tens of thousands of mice, rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, monkeys, etc from the research animal facility, which is right next to my building. It's very secure so there's little if any chance of success but they always try. The alligator is supposed to be released in some body of water near Tuscalossa, not far from where it was captured. I have no idea why they would release it near a population center but I imagine this won't be the last we hear of this gator.