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Monday, October 06, 2008

Ode to Juice

In case you are clueless about what's going on in the world, OJ Simpson was found guilty on all counts regarding his armed kidnapping of some people in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The guilty verdict came on the 13th anniversary to the day, of his acquittal of double murder in Los Angeles. Though Juice deserves a capital punishment for that previous double-murder, he'll probably spend most of the rest of his life in prison for the lesser kidnapping charges in this crime spree. Since we won't be hearing much from Juice for a few years, I thought a send-off limerick was in order....

Two people were murdered by Juice
But the jury had set him a'loose
Thirteen years to the day
Now, finally he'll pay
He should dance at the end of a noose

In Vegas he played his last card
His buddy will now be the guard
Though charming he wasn't
Let's hope that he doesn't
Get shived by a dude in the yard

If you can write a limerick reflecting your thoughts on OJ, let's see 'em in the comments thread.


Anonymous said...

To get stabbed in the yard by a knife
Would be payback for Ron and his wife
But the easy way out
Leaves me with no doubt
A worse punishment's 20 to life

Anonymous said...


What is this recent obsession
With all the poetic expression,
Of casting aspersions
And Aiken's perversions
And Orenthal's violent aggression?

Michael said...

A good citizen that he is not,
For the people he kidnapped and shot,
He's going to prison,
On the jury's decision,
Be sure that he'll sleep on a cot.

In prison he might not survive,
Just when he begins to arrive,
People might jump,
This bad piece of dump,
Of food he might be deprived.

To jump is to fight by the way,
Or that is what kids these days say,
So if you don't know,
This brand new lingo,
A visit to school you might pay.

Carlos said...

Sorry to break the whole limerick mood and stuff but Ed as you might know, I'm quite the fan of your "Whats in Ed's cd player this week" and you havent informed us of your latest musical phase in awile. If you have anything you don't want to share about your taste in music, please tell us so we can ridicule you for a change.

ed said...

I'll get right on that Carlos. Expect a post later today.