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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, February 29, 2008

"Green".....the new "hippie"

There's a reason we live in the 21st Century....and disposable diapers is it....

Cloth diapers may sound old school, but actually they're making a comeback, especially here in Austin, where the green movement is going strong.

Berdina Madden's daughter wears cloth diapers, but when she first heard about them, she had her doubts.

“In the old days, you have this image of women changing disgusting diapers and bleaching them,” she said.

Maybe we have this image of disgusting dirty diapers because dirty diapers are disgusting! You'd think hippies would have gotten enough of the communal, earthy life-style back in the sixties, but I guess their drug-induced stupor keeps them from remembering it.

The green movement is the new smelly-hippie movement. Even incense and petchouli can't disguise the smell of this.

Hat tip Fark.


Kevin said...

Im not sure about you guys, but i dont want dirty diapers going through the washer and dryer before mine goes through it.

Capt. america said...

Kevin, you don't know shit.

Now to something completely different:


Good? Or bad?

Kevin said...

I think you are a few posts behind capt america. and i don't see how inmates and dirty diapers tie into each other.

ed said...

capt. america, if the high incarceration rate is to what you refer, we covered that a few posts ago.

I think it's overkill, kevin thinks it's not enough, and freedom2learn thinks it's just about right.

What is your point with this article?

capt. america said...

I have been on holiday with limited internet access and haven't read the incarceration thread as I see is just down the page - I apologize.

Kevin - they don't. As I said.

Ed - to debate how the US got to be the most criminal - or most effective against criminals - country in the world.

ed said...

@capt.....Game on!

Give me a chance to post something this morning and throw it open to everybody.

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