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Monday, June 11, 2007

Water Works ?

The BWWSB has once again proven that their lack of planning has helped exacerbate a problem condition. The last "drought" we had in the Jeffco metro area was a few years back. At that time these civic leaders should have gone in to the water supply lakes and dug out and deepened them. Then as the waters were filling up, our storage pools would have had a larger capacity and thusly would have helped lessen or avoid the current water situation that the metro area is facing. Since hindsight is always 20/20, I hope that the same BWWSB leadership team will review the current situation and put some funds into helping eliminate this as an issue. With an ever growing population, increasing usage of sprinkler systems, and in general a greater demand for water, it seems apparent that without some protection and some foresight, we can expect the current status to be repeated. Dredging and digging can probably be accomplished very cheaply. The BWWSB has a number of its former contractors serving time right now for bid rigging, etc., lets just put them to work on the county problems while they repay their debt to society. If not, I'll bet that a number of the bigger general contractors in the area would pitch in and loan equipment and personnel to do the needed digging. We also get some dirt to help erosion issues somewhere for free. I want to take showers. I want to wash dishes and flush toilets. I want to do this without waste, but I don't think that this city is ready for 1-2 flushes a day per household. Thought for the day in Waterworld: If its Yellow, let it Mellow; If its Brown,flush it Down - at least for now. Lets move to solve water storage issues for the future.


Robert Underwood said...

Did you notice the local fishwrapper today? Talk about insight. This article stated exactly your thoughts. In the very near future we won't have enough water without alterations to the source lakes. Why are you not on the water board.

Ed said...

All one has to do is take but a cursory examination of the "leaders" in power in downtown Birmingham to know that nothing will be done about the yearly drought. They're worthless, self-interested, pocket-lining crooks who I'll bet have not curtailed their own consumption one whit.

Reid said...

Think about this Ed:

Highland golf course. The lake that feeds the water irrigation system. The water is fed from the city tanks. Too much money would be lost if the course goes down. The sign says that they water with lake water. How is it that at 4pm Saturday the lake was virtually empty, and at 8am Sunday it was full, without any rain? Puzzling/Provacative/Sinister.

Ed said...

You're right Reid. Birmingham has too much vested in the success of Highland GC to let it die. They are, and always have been in my estimation, derelict in thier duty to the residents of the city and surrounding suburbs where water policy is concerned.

p.s. I shared your axiom " if it's yellow..." with my wife. She said, "I can't believe Reid wrote something like that." Then she wondered how your family responded to the new household policy of water conservation.

Anyway, we got a big kick out of it.

Reid said...

Water restrictions abound. Each of my family members is limited to 1 2-3 minute shower per day. We only wash full large loads of laundry. Toilets are flushed as per the idiom stated. I have noticed that we are not unhappy, to speak of and feel that my efforts may help keep me out of jail (penalty from abundant ater use). Otherwise we are healthy, not wealthy, but wise. We are enjoying summer (at least the non-working class is) and are awaiting the coming school year anxiously, since my oldest heads to college. I'm sure the dark days are ahead. Tell your wife and kids I said hello and to avoid yellow snow (assuming that ever happens either).