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Monday, June 25, 2007

Reality confounds hype

Once again, the weather refuses to cooperate with Al Gore and the church of radical environmentalism...

From Livescience.com, Forecasts for a busy hurricane season in 2006 were all dead wrong. This year, forecasters predicted a really busy year again. But with just two storms to date, and neither one a hurricane, you might wonder where all the action is.

The global warming zealots over at the weather channel are sitting around hoping and wishing for another one of these deadly hurricanes to validate their idiotic religion, but the weather just won't get with the program.


Stuart P. said...

Hi Ed

I'm not as fundamentalistic as you are about the climate change being non-exixtent. But right or not; being a little kinder to mother earth can't hurt.

Anyway - here's some fuel for you:

(From the sosialist BBC in the muslim-loving Europe, but hey - the ends justify the means, right.)

Ed said...

stuart p, I'm not a global warming denier, but I am a man-made global warming denier.

Moreover, to assume that the tiny blip in time that defines our lifetime is coincident with the ideal earth climate is beyond arrogant of us. The temperature of the Earth has been fluctuating wildly for billions of years(most likely due to sun activity). We've only been paying attention for 20 years. Why should we destroy our economies and lifestyles to try to prevent a miniscule environmental change that is going to happen regardless of what we do?

My family recycles, we don't pollute, and we are all in favor of clean air and water. That being said, dramatically changing our lifestyles and ruining our economy over an imagined menace is idiotic.

stuart said...

Sorry, Ed - I left out 'manmade'. I'm not saying I disagree with you, I'm just not 100% conviced we are completely innocent.

PS: The BBC program supports YOUR view.

Ed said...

stuart, I agree with you that man has done some stupid, polluting things since industrialization but, hamstringing our economy and putting millions out of work to become wards of the State, over something that we don't fully understand(weather and climate) is chicken-little type hysteria.