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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

what a shame!

Today Jan Ullrich, one of the most famous cyclists in the world, announced his retirememt from professional cycling. He won the '97 Tour de France and never finished lower than 4th in like 10 years of competing. Clearly, but for Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich would have probably won most of the races that Lance won(he finished second to Lance 5 times).

For me Jan was the perfect villian to Lance's hero. Lance's dramatic mountain victories in the Tour would not have been nearly as great had Jan not been there pushing him year in and year out.

I'll be sad not watching Jan Ullrich compete in this year's Tour. Lance and Jan Ullrich were my two favorite riders and sadly, there are no larger-than-life personalities in cycling right now. Maybe somebody will step up and there will be a new rivalry to capture our facinations.

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Craig said...

Yes, too bad cheaters like Ullrich and Landis won't participate this year.