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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Something's rotten in Denmark

How's this for a timeline?
-Hillary commits info-sec crimes too numerous to count, for which others have been indicted

-On the seriousness of the infractions, the FBI investigates her and her staff

-Bill waits for at least a half hour on the airport tarmac for a "chance" 30 minute meeting with the cabinet-level officer(Loretta Lynch) in charge of the agency doing the investigation

-Within two days of that meeting, Hillary casually offers Loretta Lynch a job in her future administration......Hillary hasn't even floated a single name of any other putative cabinet candidate and wouldn't until after the election. Why Lynch, why now?

-One day later, Obama meets with Lynch in the oval office

-Two days later, Director Comey, Lynch's immediate subordinate, lays out the crimes that Hillary and her staff committed, then bizarrely says not to indict her.

To sum it up in my opinion, Obama promised to campaign with Hillary, who he despises, and have Loretta Lynch make sure that Comey recommended a non-indictment despite the list of indictable offenses committed by Hillary and her staff, in exchange for Hillary's assurance that she would retain Lynch as AG in her future administration. 

You don't smell the rottenness in Denmark?

The only question is who met with Comey and what was he promised to make that recommendation despite the litany of info-sec infractions committed by Hillary? I'm guessing if Hillary wins, she keeps him on as FBI director and with a serious pay bump.
SHOCKING UPDATE: It turns out director Comey was one of the investigators who found no wrong-doing on the part of the Clintons 20 years ago when everybody knows they were eye-balls deep in the Whitewater scandal. He's either in the tank for Hillary, is incompetent, or he's scared to derail Hillary's drive to the presidency because of all the bodies that have been left in the Clintons' wake.

Why is nobody talking about this?

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