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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Germany caves in the face of terror

This story was sent in by regular reader Bill:
Six Muslim maniacs stormed into a private nudist pool this morning in Geldern, Germany, screeching "Alahu Akbar", threatening the women with extermination, and calling them infidel sluts, before pool attendants ran them off.
Hilariously, the professional swimmers association in Germany suggested, with a straight face, that these "migrants" should be trained to be lifeguards, ostensibly so they would appreciate German culture and feel more included.
With all that's happened in Germany at the hands of crazed Muslim attackers and THIS is their solution?
Horrifying is the likelihood that these sexually repressed savages will be far more interested in drowning swimmers than saving them.
Germany is starting to look like a parody of France....and that's probably being unfair to France.

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