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Thursday, July 21, 2016

England further criminalizes thought

The very notion of criminalizing thought, manifested as a hate crime, is preposterous, but then liberals are themselves preposterous so this should come as no surprise.....
In Nottinghamshire, England, local authorities have decided that Misogyny is now a hate crime. The broad category defines wolf whistling, unwanted looking, and verbal comments as equal to unwelcome physical contact. Some deranged feminists feel hate crimed if a man holds a door, or a chair at dinner, or an umbrella in the rain. Is simple courtesy toward women now a hate crime?
The purpose of hate crimes isn't to protect some imaginary victim class, it's to elevate even the most benign, non-PC thought to a level that requires the involvement of the police.
You'd better watch out kid, that's a hate crime! You could end up in the Juvey system.

Hey dude, even if she's smiling and hugging you back, you might be hate criming that girl. 

Hillary hate crimes Christina Aguilera.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I have hate-crimed Christina a few times, myself.

Ed said...

Heh heh, we all have.