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Friday, July 22, 2016

Ed's book review

Ed's book review:
Attention sci-fi nerds: if you enjoyed "The Martian" you should definitely check out "Saturn Run" by John Sanford.
Set in the 2060's, Earth telescopes detect a large object decelerating into Saturn orbit at a pace far too rapid to be natural. Figuring out that it is alien in nature, the US and China race to Saturn to make first contact.
That's the basic plot, and it's a great story, but the best part is that the science and technology described in fair detail is based on current space-travel tech. or what current tech. should be able to do 50 years from now. The authors tried not to make up any science or tech. in order to get our heroes to Saturn.
Additionally, what they find at Saturn is a new twist on typical alien-contact stories and actually makes more sense in terms of first contact, than what you read in most alien-based sci-fi thrillers.
It's a terrific read and they should make a movie.....though sadly, everybody's current favorite space traveler Matt Damon is too old to play the lead.

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