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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

body-shaming appropriation

I get the whole body-shaming thing. Women in Hollywood, or elsewhere, get trolled by idiot men on Twitter or Snapchat about how they are too skinny, too fat, too whatever. These men are probably hideous goblins them selves and ameliorate their own self loathing by insulting others. I get that body-shaming is a form of bullying and it should stop........I get it, however.....

Olivia Newton John's dopey daughter Chloe(above) whining that she's being body-shamed when people comment that she's a bimbo because of her cartoonish implants, falls a little, pardon the word choice, flat.

Via Snapchat she advised: "Having big breasts doesn't make you stupid." No, but claiming that it's body shaming when you look like that is like having a benign mole removed and then demanding sympathy for being a cancer survivor.

She's not being body-shamed, she's being brain-shamed. Ironically, pretending to be a victim of body-shaming when she has an outrageous body like hers, actually does make her a little bit of a bimbo.

Now, before you shame me for naively thinking that I understand women and their problems with men, I got this perspective from a woman.


David said...

Ed, have you never been mellow?

Ed said...

Heh heh, only when I'm not reading the news.