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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Skeevy lawyer Mark Geragos tries to cash in on Paul Walker's death

Regular reader Dave sent this story in. Apparently the money-grubbing widow of the moron who was driving this Porche Carrera GT in which he and Paul Walker died, is suing Porche. Her skeevy celebrity lawyer, Mark Geragos is claiming that the suspension was inadequate and the body not re-enforced enough to protect the men in a head-on collision, at high speed, with a tree.

I'm sorry, but her idiot of a husband was driving on LA surface streets at 90mph according to police reports. He deserved to die in a car crash. Paul Walker himself was an idiot for letting him drive that fast.

Stupidly, Porche has a history of settling, or quietly contributing to settlements, in which people killed themselves doing stupid things in their sports cars. So obviously Geragos isn't expecting to go to trial, he's just like all predatory trial lawyers, he threatens a law suit knowing that it's far cheaper to settle out of court for millions, of which Geragos will happily skip home with a third, after expenses, than to actually go to trial.