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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Hippie moms annoy me

What is with these hippie moms who breast feed their mostly grown kids?

On the "The Voice Australia" last night, the camera flashed quickly for just a second to a contestant's partner breast feeding her "toddler" in the green room while he performed. If this wasn't purposeful, then why have a camera in the green room at all? I think the network is trying to gin up some buzz for the show by re-igniting the public breast-feeding debate.

For the record, I favor breast-feeding where ever you need to, just do it discreetly.

Once again, my problem is with the apparent age of this kid. Toddler? He's like 3 or 4. He should be munching on a hamburger, not nursing.

When you're old enough to ask for lunch, you're too old to suckle it.

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