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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our government gets more heavy-handed with each day

Is there any American who thinks it's reasonable for the imperial federal government to send heavily armed thugs to collect fees from citizens?

Whatever your opinion of rancher Cliven Bundy, was it necessary to send these guys to collect disputable taxes from him and/or round up and maybe kill his cows? We're seeing this a lot nowadays.

In another situation involving heavy-handedness of the feds(and they are too numerous to count), SWAT guys were sent onto private property to enforce a recently-passed local ordinance that prohibited a family from making a holding pond on their land without prior approval of the EPA. What in the hell authority does the EPA have on the land use of private property owners? NONE!

I discussed this with regular reader Bill, and I'd like to think that these agents are citizens too and wouldn't be too quick to use this kind of militaristic force against a fellow citizen exercising his constitutional right to dispute a tax levy, yet here they are.

hat tip to regular reader Dave for the heads up.


Bill said...

The didn't shoot it out with Bundy and his militia, like they would have in a lot of countries, or like Janet Reno (again that name) at Waco. Be grateful for small mercies.

Ed said...

But the threat of heavy arms arrayed against a citizen in a fee dispute is a terrifying message to everybody who might disagree with the imperial federal regime. No shots need be fired to get the point across..."Get in line or get in trouble."

Free Americans shouldn't be thankful that armed federal thugs don't shoot us, we should be pissed that they threatened to.

Bill said...

I'm sure you're right. Bundy has no real case, having lost in every level of the courts. BLM should give most of this land out west to the states for them to dispose of or manage.

Ed said...

I think that's the real issue Bill. The federal government seizing land for itself in the name of conservation, but it's really to take control away from the states to do what benefits their citizens best.

I'm not on Bundy's side really, if he owes taxes to somebody, he should pay, but this case has brought to light the arrogant, all-encompassing nature of the federal leviathan and how none of us are beyond it's voracious tentacles.

Bill said...

The way I understand it that the western states had to give most of their land to the federal government in return for statehood. It was always planned to revert back to the states one day, but clearly hasn't in over a century. Don't use this as a legal opinion. ;-)

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