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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big news today

Well, it looks like the democrats will be taking the Benghazi hearing a little more seriously. By not appointing that retarded monkey-boy Alan Grayson, Pelosi signaled that they understand the seriousness for Hillary and Obama if the outcome is bad.

Of course the job of the democrats on the panel will be to insulate Hillary from whatever the witnesses might say that could make her look bad. Beyond that, I don't think they care if it makes Obama look bad or not.....he's essentially a lame duck at this point anyway.

In other news, Obama finally addressed the VA scandal at long last. With the scandal expanding to at least 23 states, and who knows how many deaths due to delays in care, and when John Stewart eviscerates you, Obama pretty much had to address it. He promised a thorough investigation, but I doubt if any heads will roll.

Lastly, the FBI director suggested that the bureau needed to hire like 2000 cyber-cops, but that because many of the most talented "hackers" liked to get high, he might have to relax the bureau's prohibition on hiring anybody who admits to any pot use, present or past.

I agree with this, the only problem is that do you then relax the rules for everybody in the FBI? You can't have two policies for the whole bureau but a different policy for the cyber-crime division.


Bill said...

I was hoping she'd send Grayson. His face should be the first thing anyone imagines when thinking of Democrats.

Ed said...

I agree, he's nothing but bad news for them. Of all the despicable democrats I can name, Grayson is at the top of my list.

Bill said...

His district turned him out once but then brought him back, if I remember correctly. Sad!

But being "represented" by Saint (tm) John Lewis, I should talk.