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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grossest story of the year so far

Heh heh, gross! Up in Cullman, about 45min north of B'ham, there's an unidentified dark liquid leaking from a crypt at a mausoleum. An official from the health department described it as having "an awful smell", that it had attracted a lot of flies, but said it wasn't sewage. Ya think? It's liquefied human remains suspended in a putrid bath of years-old formaldehyde.
You know the cemetery crew and the health department guys are arguing over who has to clean this up......worst job EVER!
Of all the arguments for cremation I can think of, not assaulting future generations with your liquefied body would be at the top of the list.


david said...

Nasty. A winner for sure. I picture a large mason jar with a human in it. You remember the scene from "Young Frankenstein" - Abby Someone

Ed said...

Abby Normal (AB Normal) heh heh.