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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The world according to Americans

The Czech Republic had to issue a "Hey, dumb Americans, it wasn't us" statement following the Boston bombings because so many of us flooded social media with hate and vitriol toward the Czech Republic thinking the bombers came from there instead of Chechnya. Only dumb, self-centered, gov't-educated Americans would make that mistake and it's because this(cartoon) is the actual view of the world for most Americans.

When did we stop teaching basic world geography? It's embarrassing that we are willfully this ignorant as a nation.

H/T to PlancksConstant for the map.


David said...

Hey I'm in Georgia all week and my neighbors don't understand it when I return with jet lag.

Ed said...

It only takes a few minutes of mental processing to understand jet lag. You'd think as much as people talk about it, most would understand how it works.

David said...

My point is I live in Georgia (the state) but travel to the country of Georgia - 8 time zones ahead. Most of my neighbors don't understand there are two Georgia's.