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Monday, April 29, 2013

Politicians buy tanks the Army doesn't want

The Army says that 2,400 Abrams tanks in its current inventory is quite enough and they'd like to spend a half billion dollars on something more useful in modern warfare. But self-serving politicians from both parties in Ohio where all our tanks are built are determined to spend that money on tank-building jobs whether the Army ever fights another ground war again.

Who thinks the US will be involved in another ground-assault war any time soon? Me neither. Sure, we might invade some third-world shit-hole of a country who can't fight back, but we aren't going to defeat on the battlefield and then occupy an entire nation in any way that would require us to have more than 2,400 tanks.

If they want to keep those tank jobs, then retool the factory to produce stripped-down versions with none of the high-tech features that we enjoy, and sell them by the boat load to the same third-world shit-holes we'll be dropping bombs on in the next few years.


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