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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Everybody panic.......and by panic I mean chuckle.

North Korea has "authorized" a nuclear strike at America. That might be scary if the Norks had the technical ability to deliver a missile within 1000 miles of a target, or the ability to have one travel further than Japan before falling into the ocean.

They have neither.

Nobody is sure whether the bloated boy dictator really wants to start a shooting war with somebody, if he's just full of bluster like his deranged father and needs somebody to give his country some food, or if he's establishing his leadership among his generals.....or a combination of the last two. Certainly he doesn't think his rag-tag army can fight the Americans and South Koreans who are armed by the Americans.

Though, I guess it's possible that he can declare war on America, fire one shot, surrender, and then the American taxpayer will be on the unfortunate hook for bring that country up to the modern day. If that's the case, then young Mr. Jong-un is more clever than I give him credit for.

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