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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Peter King reacts like a liberal to the bombing in Boston

In the wake of the Boston bombings, Peter King from New York has been running around saying that retailers should be forced to report to the authorities, the purchase of inordinate amounts of items than can be placed in a shrapnel bomb.

That's literally anything:
-Should I be reported for buying a 50lb sacks of pea gravel for my garden walkway?
-I build furniture in my basement wood shop.....should I be reported for buying in bulk, various sizes of screws and nails?
-In my job in the lab, we use massive quantities of single and double-edged razor blades to dissect tissue, should I be reported for buying these in bulk.

I could put any or all of these otherwise innocuous items in a bomb anytime I want. Does that mean the government should ban or regulate their sale to ordinary citizens?

Peter King is a liberal's wet dream when it comes to illegitimate surveillance and ridiculous regulation of the activities of the lawful citizenry.

He has gone completely off the rails ever since hurricane Sandy. Now there's a rumor that he's trying to get Mark Levin off the air in DC because Levin is rightly critical of his pretend constitutional conservatism. That tells you all you need to know about King's treachery and self service in government.

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Barry said...

Just another RINO....Tired of them!!!