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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Assault-knife attack in knife-free zone in Texas

Star College in Houston 14 students were stabbed with what is being reported as an Exacto knife like the one above. Predictably, Lone-Star College is a gun-free zone and a knife-free zone since somebody got shot there in January

Students admitted to running away even as they watched their friends being slashed and stabbed. I'm not so sure I'd admit to being a coward so readily, but then when you are raised as a precious snowflake as part of the entitlement generation, naturally you run away from confrontation of any kind and expect to be taken care of by somebody else in every situation. 

Exit question: will Exacto knives now be classified as "assault knives"? And will the replacement-blade sleeve be reduced by law from 7 to 3 blades in order to limit the stabbings before reloading new blades?

One student or faculty member with a gun could have stopped this whole thing. 

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