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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The stupidity of corn ethanol comes full circle

If anything illustrates better the utter idiocy of corn-based ethanol being used as fuel I haven't heard it....

Because Obama's Dept. of Energy mandated that a certain amount of corn ethanol be available for use in cars and paid for the incredibly expensive process with taxpayer dollars, the price of corn for other purposes, such as food, has risen dramatically. But now that corn prices are so high, the ethanol manufacturers cannot afford to buy it to use in the production of ethanol......heh heh.

Don't you love it when dumb liberal policies backfire? It would be funnier if I didn't have to pay more for corn too.


Anonymous said...

Corn is a bad way to make alcohol. There are many other, renewable forms of vegetation that work much more efficiently. Alcohol can be made for about 30 cents per gallon. The "big oil" companies are the ones pushing corn.

Ed said...

It doesn't matter how you make ethanol....it is a stupid and inefficient fuel regardless.

And while oil companies may be positioning themselves to take advantage of the idiotic ethanol mandates, I doubt that they are eager for us to be putting our food into our gas tanks rather than their petroleum.

Anonymous said...

Until Rockefeller monopolized the oil for burning in internal combustion engines, most folks were distilling their own (CLEAN) alcohol. "Prohibition" was paid for by Rockefeller so he could screw the hard woking American people. Prohibition was never about booze, only the fuel,fool.

Ed said...

Anon, you're an idiot if you think the only reason we are a petroleum bases industrial society is because Rockefeller helped to push prohibition through so he could get us all hooked on gasoline in the absence of ethanol during that time.