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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hyper-regulation is killing American businesses

This is the kind of thuggery and intimidation the Obama administration uses to punish its enemies and reward its friends, and it ought to be illegal. Gibson Guitar has agreed to pay $350,000 to get the feds of its back once and for all. You see, Gibson legally imported Indian wood for its guitars, but didn't use the politically approved labor to finish the wood. This criminal insanity is what passes for regulation in America today. Aaah, but there's another reason Gibson was targeted by Obama but its competitor, who uses the same wood, was not.....

From Moonbattery -- The Obama Regime didn’t go to these lengths to pick on Gibson Guitars just because it is an all-American icon. Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz donates to Republicans. The moonbats at competitor C.F. Martin & Company don’t have problems with the Injustice Department despite using the same wood, because CEO Chris Martin IV donates to Democrats.

What used to be America is now unrecognizable to me. When the federal government can intimidate and punish a lawfully operated business because the owner donates to the wrong political party, and extort protection money from that business, then I'm not sure this is a country I'd like to live in.


david said...

Never thought about it a politics. I guess I'll stave off my quest to buy a Martin guitar. Not interested in Gibsons. Maybe a Taylor will do after all?

Or I can keep buying imports. I currently own four, one Canadian and three made in China. All fantastic and all affordable. To get the Martin i want I'd have to sell all four of mine and hold a couple Bikini car washes! And for this i would be unwittingly supporting the DEmocratic party? Hmmmm.

Ed said...

Dave, I would't let politics get in the way of a life-long hobby. Buy the guitar that suits you.

This despicable practice reminds me of when the Clintons would sick the IRS on private citizens as a tactic of intimidation. How can this even be legal?