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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 17, 2012

Let GM fail this time

Looks like GM is on track to go bankrupt, yet again. But that's what happens when you....

1: hand over the company to pot-smoking, alcoholic union retards who don't know the first thing about running a company. All they know how to do is use union threats to extort $100,000 a year from their employer to operate a rivet gun.

And 2: give them billions of other peoples' money and have them build stupid, politically-correct electric cars that nobody wants to buy, rather than find out what the consumers want and build that.

This time around, there should be no bailouts. Let the bankruptcy take place according to existing laws, get rid of all union contracts and entitled union workers and let the labor market dictate what those jobs are worth. Then think about building cars that consumers want to buy.


david said...

I agree. Everyone benefits when the market gets a say!

david said...

No more Oldsmobuicks!

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of survial of the fittest? GM failed. No one wants or buys GM products because they are inferior. Hell, GM engineers don't even drive GM cars because they know what they are producing.

david said...

Hey, GM is stopping production of the Volt. They say it's so they can revamp the Impala. I say neither is worth the effort.

david said...

"In the long term Sloan made GM’s cars—and all the other companies, including Ford, followed suit—into what have been termed ‘overblown, overpriced monstrosities built by oafs for thieves to sell to mental defectives.’12 By the 1950s, American cars had become ‘technologically out of date, impractical and unsafecathedrals of chrome, manufactured sloppily and sold using methods than can only be described as shameful.’ The Buick and Oldsmobile of 1958 were ‘Huge, vulgar, dripping with pot metal, and barely able to stagger down the highway. They were everything car people hated about the American automobile.’13 As a result, the Japanese car industry was able to do to GM what GM had done to Ford in the 1920s."

Johnson, Paul (2009-06-23). A History of the American People (p. 731). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.