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Friday, August 03, 2012

Obama will screw over thousands to keep his job

When government budget cuts happen, sub-contractors often have to lay off employees....obviously.

When he was a senator, Barack Obama strongly argued that employees that might get laid off because of budget cuts, should be given as much advance notice as possible to allow them to plan for the loss of income.

According to the bi-partisan, budget-cut agreement, huge cuts will be made to the defense budget on Jan 2, 2013. Because of that, the pentagon notified it's contractors so they could plan for lay-offs and notify those likely to be laid off. But because many of those contractors are in election battle-ground states and those lay-off notifications will go out before the election, the Obama administration ordered the contractors NOT to notify any workers of impending lay-offs. Why the change of heart?

Well, when it suits him to appear to be a populist, he argues for populist causes, but when that populism threatens his re-election, Obama effectively says to contractor employees who'll probably lose their jobs, "Screw you and your family. I need your vote and after that I don't care what happens to you."

Nice guy we have for CiC, no?

(Sent in by regular reader Kevin.)

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