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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finally, the "Atlas Shrugged Part 1" trailer

I might be as excited about this as I was about the Rings and Jason Bourne trilogies. I hope they lived up to the spirit of the book and didn't dilute it too much for mass appeal. There will be some purists who don't like it no matter what, but as long as it sticks to the basic principles of freedom and objectivism, it'll get my approval.


David said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about this as well. I hope Hwood doesn't dork it up. I may have to re-read teh book in anticipation.

When is it due out?

Ed said...

11May, I believe. The critic mentiioned that some of the dialogue came across as stilted but if you think about it, nobody talks like the characters in the book about self-determination and how no man's labor belongs to another. You can't make statements like that, staying true to the spirit of Rand, and it not come across a tad awkward. But then you know what I think about critics.....hate 'em.

That it's set in modern day, not the 40's, is good. From the clip, it looks like they made the antagonists obvious collectivists and greater-good types as a stark contrast to Taggart, Rearden, and Galt, rather than define the protagonists through their own dialogue.

There's got to be a name for that....."indirect defining of the protagonist". There, I just coined a term for that cinematic device.

Ed said...

Correction David, I just saw that it opens appropriately on 15April.

David said...

good timing. who is behind this one. Certainly not the normal Hollywood types? Maybe Clint Eastwood?

Ed said...

David, the movie website is....


Check it out when you get a chance. I don't recognize any of the principals. It was probably done outside the mainstream of Hollywood.