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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, February 21, 2011

Christie could get elected President despite not wanting the job

NJ Governor Chris Christie keeps insisting that he's not running for President in 2012, citing reasons like "I'm not ready", "there's work left to do in NJ", and "the timing isn't right". Sometimes Gov. Christie, rather than waiting for the right time, the times call you to serve. I think this might by one of those rare times when the right candidate coincides with the right time, when a nation needs to change directions in a dramatic way.

How refreshing would it be to have a President who had to be dragged into office more or less against his will? For whom serving is a burden rather than a goal in and of itself? I think Christie might be the only man right now who can challenge the two-bit, street-corner pamphleteer we call President.

Maybe it's not the right time for Christie, maybe it's the right time for America.


David said...

Ah yes, "Service before self". Long forgotton by most.

Bill said...

I love Christie, who has threatened to commit seppuku before running.

The Wisconsin governor is giving him a run for the money in the courage department.

Ed said...

True that. And despite the favorable coverage the fawning media showers upon the agitators, polling shows solid support for the governor over the protesters. Somebody suggested that the unions, certainly in their death throws, are wildly overplaying their hands on this one, and Americans are paying attention.

Bill said...

I think Obama's phony "move to the center" and related move up in polls is also coming to an early end with the upcoming budget fights and him sticking his nose into this state issue.